Northern California Potters Association

This association is a resource, a forum, and a community for potters. All potters are welcome, whether you're a slip caster, a "from scratch" potter or any happy combination of the two. Here, potters will be able to browse helpful information and resources, find and communicate with other potters, and keep up to date on what is going on in the world of potters in Northern California.

This site is newly created and under construction. As we come up with content and resources our web site developer will install them. The resources we are currently working to install are:

  • A calendar of events, fairs, and exhibits of interest to potters, or in which potters may want to participate.

  • A registry of Northern California potters. You will be able to discover and get in touch with other potters in your area. The registry will include fields for potters to let people know what they can do, what their interests are, and links to their Internet sites. Looking for a raft of Raku artists for an exhibition? You'll be able to compile a list of them from this registry.

  • A set of mediated forums. Unlike the huge ClayArt mailing list, these forums are separated into categories and threaded. You can browse the conversations and messages in which you have interest, and disregard the others. This eliminates the huge mail downloads of undesired messages. Since the forums are mediated, spam is quickly eliminated. These forums will be linked to an NNTP (newsgroup) provider so that you can also use your favorite newsgroup browser to access them.

As for myself, I have been studying pottery for about twenty years. I helped run a studio for two years. Unfortunately, my health took a bad turn and I had to leave that endeavor. I'm back on my feet again and have relocated to Lake County in California. I have just purchased a small house (it's in escrow) and plan to set up a studio as soon as I can move in. Meanwhile, I thought I'd put this up and see what I can do for the potters in this area.